Doctor Salt

Do No Harm


Dr Marvin Salt, Psychiatrist and Peacemaker

Clan: Nosferatu

Covenant: Carthian, Boston Conscionought faction, estranged

Main Skills: Medicine, Academics, Empathy, Survival (Live Trapping)

Preferred Disciplines: Nightmare, Vigor

Virtue: Charity, Vice: Pride

Current Humanity: 5

Derangements: Narcissism

Other Notes: Accomplished hypnotherapist; haunted by Terry, a murdered patient; childe of Boris Badacelli of Boston.


His time so far in Brookemouth has not been kind to Dr Salt. When he arrived, on good days he looked like someone recovering from chemotherapy. With the thickening of his blood, it has become clearer that he isn’t recovering. His lymph nodes are swollen, his skin pale and near translucent, his alopecia complete. But he knows it won’t kill him. It’s just the Curse making itself known. He tries to cover these signs of sickness as best as he can, wearing full suits, scarves and hats even in hot weather.

Salt prides himself on being a good man. He has not yet taken a human life, and though he has taken extreme measures to restrain recalcitrant “patients”, both Kindred and mortal in the past, he has done so in the knowledge that it was for their own good.

The Doctor presents himself as constantly calm, and in control, but he has found himself frequently in chaotic situations with the rest of the coterie that force him to act without the time he would prefer to think. He wants to help everyone, but keeps finding himself in situations where his moral code is bent or broken. A slow degradation of his morals has surfaced from having to hide the corpses of Sylvia and Ariette’s victims, and more may be incurred depending on his continued interaction with Dr Symes, who he views as an abusive monster who needs to be locked away for the safety of others.

How he will fare in post-plague Brookemouth, we will have to see.

Doctor Salt

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