No Escape

Barry's Journal

Now I know my ABCs...

Day 1087

Again. No end. Every day the same tune the same talk the same drugs the same tests the same talk the same paintings the same nightmares the same taunts and tricks and cuts and laughs and blood and why did she leave me.
Enough blood to keep me alive forever, never enough to let me escape. Never enough. Why.

I killed Connant.

Today was a C day. Drugs breakfast reading lunch drugs rest dinner sleep drawing drugs sleep. Yesterday was a Q (breakfast drugs rest drawing drugs lunch sleep) I know he has to be using a pattern. Why little one. I know there has to be a pattern. Patterns pass the time.
The pattern keeps me sane.

Today was a C. The drawings are the same. Always the same since that first day I woke up. That day was an A. A comes before C, except when it was GFHCGGFGFEDBYA.
I think.

Today was C. He came in after Dr Baker. Told us to draw a happy place. Told us he’s the doctor.
So we did.


C Today.

I don’t know what this house is.

I draw it every C.


Connant asked me where the house was.

Did I hurt you. Did I make you leave.

Connant starts with C.



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